Discord Overlay Gameplay Configuration

We all love discord, it’s an amazing program, but I know some people are having problems getting the overlay working for any game. These steps allow you to get a pretty nice overlay on ANY game as long as Discord is running on the same PC. 

This is the result of the setup(top left corner):

KO Server: Steam KO
KO Server: AzuraKO

NOTE: There are other alternatives for streaming, but this solution is for the everyday gamer that just wants convenience while playing. No tab switching nor distractions while gaming, just a simple voice overlay to see who speaks while you play.

Steps to configure:

1. Download and install PlayClaw6 (trial version is enough)
2. Visit https://streamkit.discord.com/overlay & select “Install for OBS”
2.1. Select the Voice Channel Tab, select desired Server, channel and customizations. After all changes, copy generated streamkit url on the bottom-right corner. Keep it safe.
3. Open Play Claw 6, Add Web Browser Overlay
3.1. Right click > Add overlay > Web Browser
3.2. Update item URL(in Item Settings) to streamkit url you copied.
3.3. Optional: Increase Update Rate(In Item properties, left side) to 15-30.

4. In Play Claw 6, Add Desktop Mirror
4.1. Right click > Add special > Mirror to Desktop
4.2. Move new item over previously created browser overlay. This will render the overlay on top of any program running, including any game.
4.3. In Item Settings, update transparency on item from 179 to 0(Widget back colour – option:A), to make colour transparent.

5. Profit.

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